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easySewingPatterns Organizerâ„¢ Module

Watch a video about easySewingPatterns Organizer™ in Easy Organizer Suite™

The easySewingPatterns Organizer™ Module helps you organize your Sewing Patterns.  You can put your Sewing Patterns in one or more categories and add keywords to them to help you find them easily. 

You can link your Sewing Pattern Charts to other Sewing Pattern Charts within easySewingPatterns Organizer™, or with other charts from other modules.  So, if you own easyFabrics Organizer™, and have created a Fabric Chart that you want to link to a Sewing Pattern that you have in easySewingPatterns Organizer™, then you can link these two Charts together.  This way, every time you open the Fabric Chart in easyFabrics Organizer™, you will see a clickable link with image to the Sewing Pattern Chart in easySewingPatterns Organizer™, and vice versa. 

We have created pdf and video tutorials on almost every feature of easySewingPatterns Organizer.  There is a Helpful Links page that contains links to these tutorials, as well as the online Help File and other How Tos.

We have a Feature Comparison Chart that shows all the features that are in the Standard and the Pro Edition of easySewingPatterns Organizer™.

Check out the video to see how easySewingPatterns Organizer™ Module works!